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I am an experienced video director, multimedia journalist, and strategist. Based in the U.S., I’ve focused more than two decades on using television broadcasting, documentaries and news reports to inform an international audience about transformative events of our time. I thrive in large digital/broadcast organizations that encourage entrepreneurial leadership through cutting edge television/video productions, where I can steer production teams in varied approaches to content development and multimedia storytelling.

Multimedia directing and production

Lead teams of multimedia professionals across a wide range of techniques, from real-time, warzone reporting to complex, multi-camera productions and documentary storytelling. Plan and design production strategies and instruct video teams and on-camera talent on approach. Able to work collaboratively across departments, from entry to executive levels, establishing the necessary rapport with colleagues and video subjects. Develop professional digital video content that balances an organization’s need to reach a targeted market, while still appealing to a widespread audience.

Television and digital media strategy

Establish short and long-term digital roadmaps, defining strategies and approach and building video/television production departments to support goals and requirements. Able to conceptualize video/television products and capabilities, bolstering the message and extending reach of the larger organization. Develop comprehensive education programs, from training in digital media for individuals in underprivileged communities, to constructing media messages for civilian populations as part of peacekeeping efforts. Experienced in research and analysis to define the effective use of multimedia capabilities for delivering targeted messages to intended audiences.

Business development

Proven track record in monetizing television and online video by creating corporate franchise productions that support marketing efforts, and sponsored campaigns that reach targeted viewership. Deep understanding of the investments needed to translate video departments into profit-making enterprises. Experience collaborating with a range of departments within a media organization to meet revenue goals of multimedia projects, while still exceeding standards for journalism quality and integrity.

#DNTV Interview with Gen Mark A. Milley on developing the future force https://t.co/wqEG5gWtJd @GENMarkMilley @defense_news @JenJudson

#DNTV taks to LT Gen Ben Hodges @USArmyEurope about US Army Buildup in Europe https://t.co/i9QHvbcAoq @JenJudson @defense_news @FedEdJill

Check out our #DNTV interview with LT Gen Ben Hodges today on ABC7/WJLA Washington @defense_news @USArmyEurope @JenJudson @FedEdJill

We are Shooting new episodes of Defense News- Navy Federal Money Minute @NavyFederalNews

Check out @defense_news for more coverage on Sec. Fanning’s announcement Rapid Capabilities Office #BGOVDefense

Sec Fanning announced the establishment of a Rapid Capabilities Office @defense_news #BGOVDefense @JenJudson

At Bloomberg Gov. @BGOV Secretary Fanning is talking about acquisition of new technologies for the Army #BGOVDefense

Fascinating talk w/ Ruslan Pukhov of Russia’s Centre for Analysis of Strategies & Tech @defense_news @FedEdJill

Farnborough: The F-35 Takes to the Skies, check out: https://t.co/18BHC7PEhW @defense_news @FIAFarnborough

F-35 The bird and the beast, today at the Farnborough Air Show @defense_news @FIAFarnborough Video by @larsschwetje

.@LockheedMartin Lorraine Martin and @FedEdJill talk F-35 ALIS & @Sikorsky at #FAS2016

.@Dulles_Airport @FedEdJill on my way to London, went thru TSA! Great experience, super friendly and quick!

.@NavyFederalNews @defense_news filming a new episode of Money Minute in NY check out https://t.co/wEANHriqnT

Filming in NYC today Defense News Navy Federal Money Minute

2016 World Nuclear Forces by John Bretschneider! A look at the total number of nuclear warheads worldwide

Brexit Defense industry impact, Interview with Amb. David O’Sullivan
.@EUAmbUS @EUintheUS @FedEdJill @defense_news

Airing June 26- @AaronMehta exclusive one on one with @GenMarkWelsh @usairforce #dntv

For @defense_news our @AaronMehta interviews @IKlympush at @UKRintheUSA . #DNTV airs July 3.

.@calanpix awesome film and news production at the C4ISR conference yesterday. https://t.co/gfp6yuqClz

The three Amigos at the C4ISR Conference @calanpix

.@avascent @AaronMehta @defense_news interview for Defense News TV, watch next Sunday on ABC7 Washington DC

Social Media for the military.
Check out @sandboxx @swmeek Defense News TV this Sunday on WJLA/ABC7 11am EST and AFN

.@sandboxx @defense_news talk social media for the military. @swmeek this Sunday on WJLA/ABC7 @FedEdJill

Sec Def Carter’s innovation strategy, check out @defense_news TV @AaronMehta this Sunday on WJLA/ABC7 at 11a.m.

Watch Defense News TV on WJLA/ABC this Sunday. Interview with Dr Daveed Gartenstein-Ross @followFDD @DefenseNewsTV

We are getting ready for a live stream video webinar for https://t.co/gF6EYV5VGx starting at 1pm EST.

Cyberwar in Ukraine panel discussion at the Atlantic Council @FederalTimes @DefenseNewsTV

Fun times shooting with @AaronMehta @FedEdJill @reporterjoe for @defense_news tv

Carter, McDonald lay wreath at Vietnam Veterans Memorial via @MilitaryTimes amazing images by @mikemorones

Great production today at DCA Washington for Critical Infrastructure documentary @FedEdJill @FederalTimes @FAANews

Sat down with former @HHSGov CIO @frankbaitman to talk cyber in health care for big @FederalTimes project @FedEdJill

Interviewed today Jamie Gorelick first Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection @MichaelHardyNet

Interview Dan Tangherlini, Former General Services Administration administrator 2012-2015 @FederalTimes @wccordell

Kick off Cyber Storm V at the Secret Service @FederalTimes

At Cyber Storm V producing for @FederalTimes

“Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them.” —Unknown via @momentumdash

“It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness; that is life.” —Jean Luc Picard via @momentumdash

Sneak peek NFCU Money Minute for Defense News “Should I get pre-approved for a mortgage” @NavyFederalNews

Producing new segments of the NFCU Money Minute for DNTV @NavyFederalNews @defense_news

Stay tuned for our special cyber project @FederalTimes coming soon. @FedEdJill @MichaelHardyNet

We filmed an excellent interview yesterday with Stevan Mitchell @TradeGov for @FederalTimes, @MichaelHardyNet

“On your journey through life, make sure your biography has at least one extraordinary chapter.” —Unknown via @momentumdash

Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC #DC

Supreme Court of the United States this evening.

Interview with Sec. McCord for .@defense_news @Woolfolk12 watch Sunday Defense News with Vago Muradian WJLA/ABC

Filming today at the Pentagon! Multicam production @MilitaryTimes @defense_news @Woolfolk12

Getting ready for a great panel discussion on #17budget w/ @wccordell @Federal_IT and @calanpix @FedEdJill

Interview at the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
2x Sony FS 7 at 4K, Canon 90mm TS lens, Nikon 70-200
#fs7 #sonyfs7

Interview with Brian Holian @NRCgov. Stay tuned for our special report. @FederalTimes @MichaelHardyNet @FedEdJill

Getting ready #17Budget panel discussion video production @FederalTimes @Federal_IT @wccordell @FedEdJill @calanpix

Secretary of Defense is talking about the next Defense Budget @MilitaryTimes MilitaryTimes @defense_news

How to Defeat ISIS — The Pentagon’s New Strategy via @YouTube

This is the Pentagon’s new strategy to defeat ISIS via @MilitaryTimes

SitRep: The Pentagon’s new strategy for defeating ISIS via @MilitaryTimes @andrewtilghman

Military topics raised in Obama’s final State of the Union via @YouTube @LeoShane @MilitaryTimes

Behind scenes @#disaF2I: interviewing @USDISA @C4ISRNET @larsschwetje @CorrinAmber https://t.co/kY6bLu1y3y

C4ISR DISA Vice Director talks cybersecurity, jointness https://t.co/kY6bLu1y3y via @C4ISRNET @USDISA @CorrinAmber

Centralized acquisition? GSA Administrator Turner Roth on striking a balance https://t.co/h4ZHLRO6AG @federaltimes

18F: Ensuring it’s more than just a really cool idea https://t.co/iQqeXcAUrC via @federaltimes @FedEdJill #ELC2015

Be sure to check https://t.co/wRhgDxmBYH soon for @FedEdJill one-on-one interview with @usgsa Admin Turner Roth

Be sure to check https://t.co/wRhgDxmBYH soon for @FeEdJill’s one-on-one interview with @usgsa Admin Turner Roth

GSA Administrator Denise Turner for more check out https://t.co/h595QE4zu6 @FederalTimes #ELC2015 @ACTIAC

NASA CIO Renee Wynn on the need to move past cyber Band-Aids @FederalTimes @ACTIAC #ELC2015 https://t.co/6b58nB1HI9

Richard Spires, CEO, Learning Tree interview with @FederalTimes @FedEdJill @ACTIAC #ELC2015

Rafael Diaz, CIO, HUD in interview with @FederalTimes @ACTIAC @FedEdJill #ELC2015

.@FederalTimes Mary Davie, assistant commissioner GSA’s Integrated Technology Services @ACTIAC #ELC2015 @FedEdJill

Changing the cyber conversation, our story from #ELC2015
@ACTIAC @FederalTimes @FedEdJill

What OFPP’s Anne Rung finds ‘mind-numbingly frustrating’ via @federaltimes #ELC2015 @ACTIAC @FedEdJill


At #ELC2015 producing for @FederalTimes @FedEdJill

Gen. Robert Neller gives Marines first marching order as commandant: ‘Let’s go do this’ via @marinetimes

.@MilitaryTimes Sailor of the Year Hospital Corpsman Third Class Sara Freeman combat sexual assault.

.@MilitaryTimes Coast Guarsman of the Year Lee Biladeau serving in the Coast Guard and his community.

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